Public Defenders for Juvenile Delinquents in Florida

The recipient of a JD from the Stetson College of Law in Gulfport, Florida, Judge Michael Kalil became a judge in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit in January 2021. Before becoming a court circuit judge, Michael Kalil served as an attorney at the Law Offices of John Kalil, P.A. Early in his career, Michael Kalil served as an assistant public defender.

In Florida, public defenders represent children “alleged to be…delinquent.” The role of public defenders is to satisfy an indigent defendant’s right to an attorney as required by the constitution. Juvenile delinquency occurs when a child younger than 18 does something that would be considered a violation of the law if done by an adult.

The state generally pays public defenders. Some counties, however, may supplement the services of public defenders. The Florida Guidelines of Practice for Attorneys who Represent Children in Delinquency Proceedings entail specific responsibilities expected of attorneys who represent indigent juveniles in delinquency proceedings. The guidelines are not regulations but rather suggestions that help public defenders represent each child properly.

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